We launched Partnership Flip because in our experience as real estate agents we noticed there was an area within the home sales process that we thought we could improve; and in doing so, help property owners see higher net proceeds when they sell their property.

Up until now, property owners have had just two options when it came time to sell; sell to an investor at a discounted rate for convenience and timeliness or sell to an owner occupied buyer who will likely be financing the purchase; requesting repairs and needing concessions therefore limiting the net proceeds that the owner sees at closing.  Partnership Flip breaks the mold of the traditional sales process and puts the power and efficiency of a professional team to work for the property owner, creating a refined property that minimizes buyer’s repair requests, cushions for seller’s concessions and puts more money in the owner’s pocket at the closing table.

To sum it up, the property owner provides the property and we provide the funding, contractors, materials and project management experience to complete the remodel and prepare the property to be sold at the highest price possible.

While our primary solution is to partner with property owners, our mission is to provide property owners with all of the possible options they have when it comes time to sell a property.  If partnering with us is not the best solution then we want to make sure the property owner knows about all other solutions available to them. We believe an educated owner is an empowered owner.  We’ll lay out the options for you, then you decide which is the best solutions for your needs. For a free consultation please call 602-750-1707 or contact us here.